RAK FTZ Exective Offices


Looking for a suitable warehouse in the UAE? We provide spacious, customisable warehousing solution for our clients dealing in light manufacturing, storing of goods and general assembly. Our warehouses are located in our Al Hamra, Al Ghail and Al Hulaila Industrial Zones.


Licence Type
  • Applicable for all types of licences
  • Available in various sizes starting 150 m2
  • Can be modified with approval from RAKEZ
  • Space for loading and unloading consignments
  • Heat-insulated roof and door
  • Office inside warehouse
  • Proximity to retail districts and major logistical hubs
  • Provision for on-site staff and labour accommodation
  • 24-hour security and full accessibility
  • Labour, forklifts and cleaning services (available at extra cost)
  • Easy access to manpower for loading, unloading and cargo handling
  • Private postal address through Emirates Post (available at extra cost)
  • Car park
Visa Services
  • Eligibility to apply for UAE Residence Visas
Lease Terms
  • One year, renewable annually
  • Payment of a full year’s rent at the time of registration or licence renewal
Utility Fees*
  • Electricity: AED 0.45 per kWh
  • Water: AED 0.04 per gallon
  • * Utility fees might vary based on local provider’s rates.