Installation of fire/fault signal transmission device in all buildings in the UAE

On behalf of the UAE Ministry of Interior – Civil Defense General Headquarter’s Office, we are pleased to inform you that the authority has recently launched the Hassantuk Alarm Monitoring System, which monitors the fire and life safety systems of all buildings in the UAE through the Alarm Receiving Centre. This programme enhances the safety and security of life and properties across the UAE by minimising the response time of emergency units in case of fire or fault in any building.

With this, all buildings and establishments across the country are now required to install a fire/fault signal transmission device which will be linked to the 24/7 monitoring centre in Abu Dhabi. This includes all RAKEZ clients with buildings on their leased land plots.

Kindly click here to view the UAE Ministry of Interior – Civil Defense General Headquarter’s Office official announcement and click here to read about the Hassantuk Building Classifications and Specifications.

Should you require clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800 RAKEZ (72539) or customerservice@rakez.com.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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